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We bring you Alice — a gateway into decentralized finance’s high yield and a near instant payment network to send money to friends — all in one intuitive mobile app.

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Alice is powered by an automated and decentralized interest-rate protocol, cutting out all middlemen to offer you a direct access to DeFi. Just connect your bank account to get started and earn more.

Send and receive money

Sending money to friends should be as easy as sending a text message. Now it is. Just enter a username or scan their QR code.

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For complete financial control.

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Alice is software and tools developed by Alice Software, Inc. Alice Software, Inc. is not a bank and does not offer any federal or state banking or depositary services to its customers. Alice Software, Inc. offers a seamless connection between users and smart contracts on Anchor protocol, which is a decentralized blockchain protocol powered by Terraform Labs Pte. Ltd. Alice Software, Inc. does not generate yield (or any form of return) for its members. Yields are generated by the Anchor Protocol.

The currently displayed interest rate may be lower or higher than currently stated. Historical interest rates on supplying digital assets to the Anchor Protocol is not an indicator that these rates will be available in the future. Funds supplied to Anchor Protocol through Alice software and tools are not insured by the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC) or any other federal, state, or local regulatory agency.

Certain Alice product features listed are currently in development and are not available.

Digital assets are NOT bank deposits, are NOT legal tender, are NOT backed by the government, and accounts and value balances are NOT subject to Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation or Securities Investor Protection Corporation or any other governmental or government-backed protections. Legislative and regulatory changes or actions at the State, Federal, or international level may adversely affect the use, transfer, exchange, and value of digital assets.

* Based on Anchor protocol yield.

Alice Software, Inc. does not exchange any digital currencies on behalf of its customers. Exchange services are provided by a third party provider.

There are risks involved with supplying funds or digital assets to the Anchor Protocol via Alice. Customers may lose all funds. For more information about information and risk relating to the Anchor Protocol, please refer to: https://docs.anchorprotocol.com

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